For enterprising individuals looking to start or scale a business


“Sure, we believe in inspiration. But tactical application is what gets the cash to flow.”

– Heather Mason

What is CEO U?

At CEO U, we skip the ‘follow your bliss’ stuff and get directly to net profit and ability to scale. You’ll learn to start or grow your business with the actionable skills you’ll need from the outset. Hear from actual business owners who have been there and done that, at every level. Gain a peer group of practitioners who are ready to network and exchange ideas. Dig into the tactical, unglamorous, critical steps no one ever talks about.

If you’re looking for well-known or famous talking heads talking about  how hard it was to start their 100-million-dollar-VC-funded-business, this conference is NOT for you. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and build a solid, real-world company, then come on in.

And YES – we offer online courses too! While we wait till we can meet in-person (and beyond) you can join us in our online community and classes!

During Covid we’re offering our content online through our partners at Caspian Training – click below to learn more!

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